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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey Folks,Let's not pay OUR taxes!

remember it's a hiccup.A mistake.Ooops we forgot.
Anyone want to not pay? Now is the time.
We have someone who MIGHT be confirmed who got away with it.
Now it's OUR turn; the government can't say a word. Treasury secretary designee Timothy Geithner did not pay his taxes. Gov Huckabee was right on Huckabee last night when he said that this man should step aside as a nominee.


Victorian Lady said...

I absolutely agree. Don't forget to tune in for Glenn Beck at 5 PM EST tomorrow.

Ilovekids said...

Why do we not protest often and LOUDLY against paying taxes for the murdering of the unborn babies?
Perhaps if we return to moral values the economy will take care of itself.

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