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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Speaking Of Pro Life

I just redid a forum we had(that wasn't going anywhere anyway)and set it up as a pro life forum.With Obama stepping into office soon i had to do this.We are going to work very hard at supporting the pro life movement.I may not be back here as often as i'd like.We will be working at getting this forum off the ground.Find new members is the goal.
Once we get enough members we can work together at organizing a grass roots movement to work in tandem with the larger pro life movement.

I feel we really need to keep an eye on Obama.Speaking of which-i have also opened another forum that has a large membership already that is dedicated to watching Obama and holding his feet to the fire. i am seriously considering handing that over to someone so i can devote more time to the pro life forum and activities.

Here are the two forums:
and other is this:
I try to stay active at the Huck's Army forum too. And have joined one called the Republican Revolution.I think the party is going to have some real exciting candidates in the near future.Among them of course Gov Huckabee,Sarah Palin(goes without saying)and Michael Steele.Once Sen McCain returns to the Senate and Congress returns for their session next year he will be one to look to for leadership too.
All these ppl are great representatives of the party.
Ppl to watch.
More info later this week.I will bring some polls over from Sodahead.
I will also post the link to the Republican Revolution.
IF..and this may be a big IF..i can get someone to take photos I will show you the blizzard.
God keep you safe this weekend!
Catch you soon!

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