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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

this is one person that still hearts huckabee

It's going to take more than a few days to decide where to go from here.
I'm open to contact with other Huckabee supporters who want to keep Mike in the forefront.I'll be glad to sign a petition for Mike to be the VP-if he so chooses to accept such a spot.It certainly couldn't hurt for a Pres run in the near future.
Even with a poor run by McCain.
Let's let Mike decide.That would be the best route.
Stunned is a good word to describe the feeling,but given all that they stacked against him(The media-Fox included,the RNC that basically stabbed him in the back)Mike did remarkably well.
Pls keep in touch.I think it is very important that Mike's base stays connected as much as possible.
Open to any suggestions, name it.And whatever i can come up with will be glad to pass it by you.

I wrote to Fox news,Sean Hannity,even the Pres and VP Dick Cheney and last but not least the Pres of the RNC.Besides the GOP's website is incredibly lacking and i did let them know.
God Bless,
all of you are in my thoughts and prayers and Mike and his family definitely have a special place there!

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