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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary

I didn't realize it but the Pennsylvania primary is on Apr 22. You can be sure that I will then cast my vote for Gov Huckabee.In fact,i think i will also do some campaigning of my own for Mike here.The problem being of course is that McCain has clinched the nomination.What do I care?! I will get as many ppl to vote for Huckabee as i'm able.Pennsylvania will vote Hillary.This is a very Democratic state and it's also very rural and i know a high pop of seniors.They will go Hillary. I know because this little town i live in is very representative of the larger country.You get a little of everything here.You can tell the mindset of most ppl by the small pop here.Often how we vote is how the country votes.The Rep don't have a prayer in Pennsylvania.I'm not being nasty.I just know.
Now oddly enough had Gov Huckabee had the opportunity to campaign here-he could have won Pa.
I can tell you flat out nobody but nobody is jumping up and down for McCain.
Here's something else i run into a lot in this town.Catholics who vote pro abortion candidates. They don't care.
They will tell you.We have issues of the economy.I will tell them this doesn't trump abortion.They will tell me;I don't support abortion but {1.) i can't tell someone else what to do.(2.)women will have them anyway.(3) right now these other issues are more important (4.)we have to get out of Iraq.

Now if non Catholic holds these views I will definitely explain to them why abortion trumps all other issues.It usually falls on deaf ears and that's about where I have to leave it.You can pray.When it's Catholics that put me down(and they HAVE)it drives me crazy.They will even give this shameful witness in front of non Catholics.
It's like the Pope is over there and we're over here and our policy trumps the Pope.
I can tell you that this mindset is not going to change unless our priests and bishops are willing to speak up in the pulpit.Forcefully and clearly.No ambiguity.
Until they do and the ppl in the pew understands this you are going to continue to get this kind of response.
Does it matter if we have a pro abortion President? Sure it does.Can a pro life President honestly affect much change?Some.The powers are limited.It's more than that though.What we have to do here is change minds and hearts more than anything and as long as there is a pro abortion President this is not going to happen.We elect who best represents US.
The Pres also appoints justices on the Supreme Court.The Democrats know this and they know exactly what that means.They also know what having a Dem in the White House means for their agenda.You see ppl are Dem here in Pa for a reason.The older dyed in the wool Dems think that their party represents the working class and lower income.They think the Dems are good for the economy. They think Rep are for the rich and that they're corrupt.
What they don't realize that the Dem party has taken a major shift over the years and has become the party of a far left liberal agenda.
The economic policies have become too close to socialism and their social agenda has become morally depraved and bankrupt.They even hate Pres. Bush because it has come to that.Pure hate.I'm not even saying they disagree with his policy.They just plain hate him.
It doesn't stop there though.Look at the Catholics in Congress.
This is a real witness to our faith isn't it?
Nancy Pelosi
Ted Kennedy
John Kerry
Joe Biden
Did I miss any? Would you even know these ppl were Catholic if somebody didn't tell you?
i'm sure Pres. Bush sees these ppl.Thinks-aren't Catholics supposed to be pro life and yet the ppl you would think would be the most pro life and give Pres. Bush the easiest time are the ones who have made his Presidency the most miserable.
What about the war in Iraq? Agree/disagree.Support/oppose.The bottom line-wer'e there.
I hear ppl say;i support the troops but i'm against the war.This is saying to the soldier.I support you;i just don't support your mission.This is destructive of morale.It is the same thing i saw when we were in Vietnam and it cost us dearly.
We became a nation of peace at all costs.This is the mindset we had before Pearl Harbor and WWII.
Should we have invaded Iraq at all?This is debatable.Are we there now and must we succeed? Yep.
There is no choice.Should we leave?Yep.As soon as possible with mission accomplished.
Is the war on terror over if we leave? Nope.I think this is where ppl make a mistake.
They think if we pull out of Iraq the war is over and we can get back to business as usual.
Not true. The war on terror may go beyond even this generation.
It is far worse than WWII or any war we have ever engaged in.Why? This is not an army we are up against,nor a country.This is an ideology that has a steady recruitment of ppl with ho rules of engagement. They will deliberately kill innocent men,women and children to win.
They will blow themselves up to win. They will use any means possible to win.
They rise to power from instability, weakness,fear and hate.
Unless we understand their objective we will never grasp the kind of war we are in and burying our heads in the sand will not make them go away.
If we as a country isolate ourselves and pretend they don't exsist we will find out how badly mistaken we are.
Do we just have to defeat them militarily? Nope. We do have to be on offense;I don't doubt this for a minute.Yet,we can't defeat them by military power alone.
All the military superiority in the world is not going to do it.
Even determination will not do it-though we have to have that too.This is an ideological battle and that is where we have to begin.
This is one of the reasons i was supporting Gov Huckabee.
To be continued...

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