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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ny Catholic mom said it better than i could

And all this with no dirty politics. No jamming phone banks,sending phony emails,no smear of the other candidate etc.Straight up front decency.And those who did the other know who they are.It wasn't do anything to get our man elected.It was vote, do the right thing then humbly concede.Mike Huckabee 2012!

Now for the blog from ny catholic mom who said it way better than i ever could:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
It's Been A Glorious Fight

We have just heard the news that our man Huck is leaving the race. There have been a few tears here and some anxious queries about the future, but we are not about to lose the vision which this dear and honorable man has inspired in us.

A vision of an America where life is valued and protected at every stage, where faith is treasured, where families are valued, where American workers are championed, where veterans are treated with dignity and gratitude, where our borders and sovereignty as a nation are defended, and where Main Street, working-class America still has a voice and a dream.

Mike Huckabee has cured us of our apathy and frustration and showed us how to work together for a common cause again. He led us to a new plateau where we could see a better America not far off in the distance and inspired us to begin building a path towards it.

We're not going to stop building that path, and this new coalition which Huckabee has inspired and deftly led with wisdom, faith and his blessed, healing humor is not going to fade away. Though we are Evangelicals, Catholics, conservatives, moderates, hunters, truckers, factory workers, veterans, pastors, homeschoolers, public school teachers, Christian Zionists, anti-war protesters, pro-lifers, Fair tax advocates, and even a few Democrats, we're going to continue our crusade for a free, strong and independent America.

God bless you and your family, Mike Huckabee, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for teaching us to believe in ourselves and our country again.

MIKE HUCKABEE 2012!! We'll be there for you, Mike, and we love you!
Posted by NY Catholic Mom

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