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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just As I Said;Scandal

Okay, CNN and Fox have both projected based on exit polls that McCain has won Wisconsin. Here is my issue with the exit polls: 47% of the people who said that abortion should be illegal voted for McCain. Do they do no research before heading into the polls? 64% of Catholic voters (whose church condemns abortion) voted for McCain. I just don't quite get that???? I wish people would be informed, truly informed, and not make up their minds based on 2 minutes of tv viewing. It is frustrating to me. Oh well, onto Texas. Go Mike!!

Posted at Mike's site by another voter.
Now Carl Rove is saying due to the discussion between Romney and McCain;Romney freed the delegates to pledge for McCain.
He should say due to the DEAL between Romney and McCain.
The lie continues.

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