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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If McCain does get the nomination

I am writing in Gov Huckabee.
A gentleman over on Mike Huckabee's official site wrote this and he is dead on.

ndiana, From
02/19/2008 05:30 PM

Here is my letter to GOP chairman Mike Duncan regarding my disillusion with the RNC:

Dear Mr. Duncan,

Unless we as republicans change our ways, we will crumble as a party. American's are realizing that it does not have to remain a two-party system; and especially after what has taken place this primary season. Let me lodge my complaints, and I pray that they do not fall on deaf ears.

1. It makes no sense to me that our primary process begins largely in states that traditionally do not help us in the general election. A more liberal candidate running as a Republican has an advantage running in more liberal states and by the time the vote moves into the more conservative states which actually are instrumental in electing a republican in November the momentum of a liberal is hard to overcome because of the media attention. This must change!

2. As a party, we should discourage the endorsement game and allow the people to decide their candidate. The practice of people who are endorsing candidates to be asking other candidates to drop out of the race is preposterous. I happen to live in the state of Indiana; why shouldn't I have a voice in whom our party nominee is? I have no problem when men like Mitt Romney make their decision to drop out before it gets this far; it shows he is a quitter and doesn't deserve to lead this nation. However when those within our party are telling the conservative candidate he should drop out so that we can "unify" behind a liberal candidate it tells me that we are headed for destruction.

3. Sure, I am a Huckabee supporter, but I've been a Republican since I cast my first vote and have never considered leaving the party until now. Believe me, I'll not go democrat, but I'm leaning toward a new party. You and I both know, the GOP can't afford to lose anyone with the tight elections we've had and the increasingly liberal leanings of this nation. When the Republican party which has used and abused Bible-believing Christians, because of our conservative leanings, to get men elected come to the place where they work against a Bible-believing Christian running for the highest office of the land, our party has lost favor with us. We know that a man like Mike Huckabee will not and could not turn our nation into a church; it is not his ambition and you are well aware of it. I'm afraid our party is growing weak and we are beginning to compromise. We are losing our position of strength. When we stand for nothing, we'll fall for anything!

I will no longer vote party line, I'll write in candidates if I must. You misunderstand the true conservative spirit that exists among true Christian (principled) people in this nation. We've gone along with the party as our best hope and as the better alternative... but when you work against one of us we find that you're nothing more than the young man with ulterior motives when dealing with a young lady. You want what we can give you, but you do not have our best interest at heart. You want our vote, but you do not care about our voice.

To God that America becomes once again a government of the people, by the people, for the people! Open your eyes, John McCain is running for personal ambition, that is why he'll compromise away our stance and change his positions (as did Mitt Romney)... for him, it all about being president. Mike Huckabee truly has the best interest of the nation at heart and will make Americans proud to be Americans again. As a young man I admired Ronald Reagan, he inspired me to have a great amount of patriotism and love for my country. I see the same qualities in Mike Huckabee. A nation that believes in itself because it is truly good and affords every citizen the opportunity to achieve is unstoppable!

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