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With Peter & Under Peter

Saturday, February 16, 2008

extremely important!!

Gov Huckabee is campaigning out in Wisconsin.There is also a vote in Texas soon.
What is keeping his campaign alive at this point is the donations from folks like us.What is going to make a critical difference in these states(and they are a MUST win)are the donations he takes in.

It is very expensive to run a campaign.It costs money to get the word out.What is going to make the big difference in the last few states IS money.

If he has enough to really campaign hard here he stands a very good chance of winning.
PLS consider donating even 1.00.
I put in 5.00.That was all i had.Trust me;if i had more,would give more.But whatever you can afford is a big help.Even 1.00.

This is so critical at this time or I wouldn't be asking.
"Totus Tuus"
and keep praying those rosaries :^)

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